10 Essentials for the Vegan Traveler

With this list of essentials healthy vegans will hit the road always on the right foot.
Travelling is an opportunity to experience everything the world has to offer, experience adventure and create memories that complete us. Leaving home, even if only for a few days, and liberating and energizing, helps to forget about the problems and see new perspectives. But what to do if you are a vegan out in its exploration into the world and leaving behind all the comforts of home? Maintain 100% natural food on the road is a task that can become challenging. Here is our list of important items a vegan has to take with them when traveling or camping:

1. Water Bottle. One of the main tips is to stay properly hydrated when you are traveling. The change in time, the flight itself and delays at airports, all have their influence on maintaining hydration, especially when it comes to fight fatigue and prevent excessive hunger.

2. Fruits and Nuts. fellow travelers, tour schedules and the lack of options sometimes lead to a very low nutrition compared to the daily routine. Comes to the rescue fruits and nuts that last longer without spoiling, or that are simpler to use, such as apples, tangerines, avocados, bananas, to carrots, tomatoes, and more delicate options for shorter distances.
3. Reusable utensils. Always take their own cutlery and kitchen items you is a kindness to Mother Earth, as well as a nice convenience. Portable stoves also guarantee a good meal even in the rain, and let boil water much more efficiently. Team up and eat as well as if you were in a five star hotel.
4. Basic Pharmacy. If you have a tendency to get sick and are going on a cruise, prevent yourself accordingly. If you have sensitive stomach or some kind of allergy, take the necessary precautions and move away from ‘hassles’ nasty. Have your items of essential aid, as copaiba oil, arnica, herbs, snuff, etc.
5. Ecological Toiletry. Although vary by region or city, you can already find some environmentally friendly options when it comes to items for personal hygiene. Soap, shampoo and conditioner biodegradable leave a clear conscience when we enjoy natural paradises in  the world, and also assaulting less body health.
6. Comfortable Shoes. It sounds like a cliché, but the biggest clichés often prove the most true. Whether for walking long distances, explore caves or climb to the heights, comfortable shoes are always the most appropriate. The foot wellness is reflected throughout our system and alter our disposal. And it is a special reminder to women who still insist on going into high-heeled field.
7. Multi-use Pocket Knife. small knife, scissors, tweezers, compass, bottle opener, saw, nail and even flashlight and pen. That item unites more benefits in the shortest possible space than the classic Swiss Army knife? Take also a small surface for cutting and be prepared to recharge your batteries in any situation, just depending on a grocery store, grocery store or stall herbs in the script.
8. Emergency Food. In addition to the general stock that you want to ride dried fruit, nuts and the like, try to take some portions more than stay in some undisclosed manner. Cereal bars, dehydrated vegetables or whatever comes to mind, to be used after the power of the trip to be really complete. In the worst case, you will have your way back to the house and guaranteed without the high costs of traditional stopping points.
9. Intelligent Packaging. There are lots of tupperware and multiple package sizes that fit one inside the other, saving space in luggage, but allowing separate their food along the way. The pasta lunch may have left over and the vegan traveler prevented will be able to transport food without dirt or bad surprises.
10. Credit Cards. Avoid carry all your cards and documents, if possible. choose wisely which will carry with losing original documents away from home can mean irreparable delays, beyond time and money spent on second and third channels. Use the space in your purse or wallet with cards that are relevant in the country or region you are visiting.
Whether for a quick overnight stay in a camp or a long trip around the oceans, select your luggage in advance and common sense. Remember the essential vegan items and make a great trip!

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