Protein Sufficiency in a Vegan Diet

With proper planning, a vegan diet can provide all the necessary protein to the human body at any stage of life, which also includes childhood and pregnancy. This is true not only in terms of quantity but also in quality, given that the plant protein sources provide all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. Amino acids are the parts that make up the proteins and essential amino acids are those that must be obtained through the diet. For all the variety of essential amino acids, it does not need any complex calculation system, just by simply varying the reasonable way protein sources. Protein sources to which I refer are legumes (beans, lentils, peas, chickpea and soybean) and oilseeds (nuts, walnuts, almonds and seeds, such as sesame and sunflower). Amino acids obtained from these rich sources of protein are supplemented by an amino acid found in whole grains. Although not protein-rich foods, whole grains contribute completing good sources previously mentioned, thus ensuring a full intake.


You may be asked: with all this fuss around the protein, all I need do is eat legumes, nuts and whole grains in various forms? It sounds too simple? And indeed it is. To facilitate understanding of how easy it is to get enough protein on a vegan diet, I will propose below some ways for you to achieve not sufficient or adequate protein in a vegan diet. If not obvious enough, I inform you that it is a parable and so are not recommendations to follow suit. If you identify with any of the presented counter-directions, this means that you have a problem and solving it should seek professional guidance.


To err on their protein intake, begin by choosing only one or two sources of protein for your weekly menu, such as beans and peanuts, for example. No other whole grains or nuts and legumes. Strive to believe that nuts are an unhealthy food. Stay only with vegetables, refined grains, roots and fruits. More than that, only beans and peanuts (or two you choose).


If you do not succeed in meeting the challenge of limiting the variety of its protein sources, thus limiting the variety of essential amino acids that you eat, go to the next strategy: eat all legumes and nuts you want, but eat them in quantity not enough. To make sure that the amount consumed is insufficient, make sure you have planned a diet with fewer calories than you need. The only way to eat protein in sufficient quantity at the same time that you include good sources of it is eating too little of each food. If you are losing weight, this is a good sign that you are having success in consuming fewer calories than you need.


Now you have a big problem, because eating little different sources of protein on a vegan diet, or eat them in different ways and in insufficient quantities, it is a task that requires a lot of attention. Nothing to eat according to their hunger determine. You have to eat little, it is very difficult to eat little protein in a vegan diet. When I say little protein, I’m saying fewer than three servings daily. Eat all the legumes and oilseeds you want, but eat less than three of the following examples: ½ cup cooked beans; Tofu 100 g, 50 g of nuts; Soy burger or 1; 1 cup soy extract diluted. This is for all day! As you can see, to eat a lot of variety with a small amount, you can not use more than ½ cup of beans per day or five small pieces of texturized vegetable protein (TVP). If using soy extract, use less than half a glass. Otherwise it will be impossible to achieve your daily protein requirement!


To facilitate the possibility of making mistakes, eat lots of fruit. Make fruit the main staple of their diet. To make sure you will succeed in making mistakes, stay away from seeds and sprouted grains. Eat pasta (lots of pasta) and always refined wheat. Potatoes are an exceptionally poor in proteins. When you give that urge to eat a chickpea cream, a well-seasoned tofu or a good portion of fresh nuts, bake some potatoes or cook a pasta. If you can not bake them, fry them. If you do not have time to cook it, use those instant preparation. If you do not have potatoes or pasta around, look stuffed biscuits or cookies, provided they do not contain nuts or other integral ingredient. Yes, it is very tedious and rarely possible to feel satisfied feeding that way, but if you want to eat less protein than you need, you have to make that sacrifice.


If you play sports regularly or have their high protein needs for pregnancy reason or be in a growth phase, ignore the appetite for protein-rich foods (which naturally increases in these stages of life). Choose only fruit, pasta and vegetables. If you want to eat a little protein, but not to lose weight, you have to eat many refined foods. Excellent sources of empty calories are sugar, alcohol and added fats (must be added because the plant high-fat foods are naturally high in protein and so spoil your plan).


Now, if you do not have the willpower necessary to practice a vegan diet that is deficient in protein, preferring instead to enjoy a varied and abundant diet consisting of natural and whole foods that are rich and tasty, have to settle in be healthy and well nourished vegan.

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