Vegan and vegetarian: what are the differences?  

Do you know what are the differences between a Vegan and a Vegetarian?

Vegetarianism and veganism has gained more and more popularity, especially with social networks bringing together and strengthening these groups. Although they have many similarities, the two groups differ in some points, forming completely different identities for individuals who are part of these groups.

Differences between vegetarianism and veganism

While Vegetarianism can be adopted for various reasons, such as ethics, health and religion, veganism has at heart and main focus the ethical question of struggle for liberation and non animal exploitation. This implies a more radical attitude by the vegan (as it is called veganism adept) compared to vegetarian.

The vegan does not consume any animal products. Vegans do not eat meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, honey, wool, etc. They also do not consume products that are tested on animals, as are most of the medicines, shampoos, soaps, makeup and cosmetics in general. Vegans are always looking for companies that do animal testing so that they can boycott them and seek other alternatives. Veganism is not just a food option, but an ethical attitude against suffering and exploitation of the animals.

According to those who adopt a vegan posture, animals should not be killed nor exploited to meet our needs. The practice of veganism is loaded with sacrifices and denied wills. From childhood, we are accustomed to eating meat and foods containing milk and eggs. Break with these ingrained habits to our food is an almost heroic act, particularly on social occasions, in which we are harassed with frequency for foods derived from animals. But over time, learning essential vegan recipes and tasting the variety of vegan food, everything becomes easier.

Veganism and vegetarianism in their differences

Vegans have a stronger ideology of protection and respect for animals, almost dogmas, while the vegetarian opens exceptions, mainly in the consumption of animal products other than food.

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Vegan diet or vegetarian diet?

Vegetarianism, in turn, is not a driven feeding practice only for ethical reasons. It also involves health issues or religious. The vegetarian does not eat meat, but continues to consume animal products such as eggs and dairy vegan diet - vegetarian dietproducts. When the motivation is ethical, its practice is less radical and less coherent, because it goes against the killing, but not against exploitation in the broad sense, opening the granting of eggs and others. They are often criticized by vegans, as they speech against animal exploitation but with a practice in half. It is still a resistance to killing posture and breeding in captivity for slaughter, and may even be a process of transition to veganism. Many vegans were vegetarians before!

Why becoming vegetarian or vegan?

Concern for health and religious issues are also reasons why people become vegetarian. Many diseases are prevented or has its risks minimized with food without meat. It is certainly healthy and beneficial to the body option. In matters of religion, the main argument is the compassion for the beings in general, and to stand against the bloodshed of any kind, as this would increase the suffering in the world.

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What do you think of vegetarianism and veganism? With which of the two ideologies are you most identify with?

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