Vegan food to children is not abusive – Children just do not want to harm animals!

Eventually I come across news about vegan parents who have lost custody of her young children from malnutrition. Shameful cases, of course, but considering that malnutrition affects about 2 billion people in the world, why these stories in particular make so many headlines?

Next to this news, several publications suggest that children put under strict vegetarian diets is abuse. With articles like the recent Thelegraph, asking if ‘Vegans can always be good parents?’, You can easily detect the bias of the media.

The vegan food can be suitable for anyone at any age. This is the position of various dietary associations around the world. Vegans or not, all parents should take care to ensure that their children have adequate food.

Whereas infants and children can receive all the nutrients they need with a strict vegetarian diet, why such a concept causes judgment, fear and anger?

We create children to love animals, care for them and protect. Cows and chickens speakers in picture books to TV shows like Peppa Pig, and with almost all Disney movies with animals in the center of attention, children are encouraged to empathize with them.

When are simultaneously fed obtained from animal products, this sends a very mixed message. Children often get upset when they discover that the meat on your plate comes from animals that have been taught to love. Who can blame them? They already understand that animals can feel pain and suffering, they have desires and emotions and do not want to die – like them.

They are then conditioned to see meat as food, and forget that it was once part of a life, an animal breathing. Most parents would not dream of telling your children how animals are killed, presumably because the truth is considered inadequate to explain to children. But if the truth is very disturbing, surely we should stop funding it, instead of helping to keep it hidden.

It is important for children to understand about nutrition and know where their food comes from. But the ‘Tales of Slaughterhouse’ tend not to be successful in reading bedtime. The school trip to an orchard sounds much better than one that was a slaughterhouse.

Vegans are often penalized by “forcing” your child to eat like them. But it is not reasonable to expect that vegans parents offer their children nuggets and cheese just because that’s what most people do. All parents make decisions on behalf of their children – left to their own devices, children will wear toilet paper and glitter eat.

These parents chose veganism for animals – and often also include motivation as the environment, people and health. Why they would not share all this with the most important people in their lives?

Of course, any child can choose to change your diet when you are old enough. People who create vegans children just want this to be an informed choice by facts and ethics, to instead of habit. Instead of teaching children to love dogs and cats as they eat cows and pigs, vegans teach their children to care for and cherish the lives of all animals – a much more consistent point of view.

The vegan diet is often described as “controversial” or “extreme”. But when we know that we can live healthy and happy lives without harming the animals, which becomes more controversial opinion and extreme?

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