Vegan Food! What you should include in your vegan diet!

Making a vegan diet is not just to eliminate meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and other animal products. It is necessary to introduce other foods to take the place of deleted not to get a nutritionally poor diet – especially if our diet was not much variety before.

As a vegan, you can discover a whole new world of ingredients and flavors. One thing that your diet does not have to be is dull! However, there have to change your meal radically from one day to another. You can perfectly keep doing the dishes you were doing already changing the animal products by products of plant origin and continue to base your diet on traditional foods such as beans, chickpea, lupins, lentils, rice and vegetables.

Whole grains

In a balanced diet, the main source of energy (carbohydrates) should be whole grains, including rice, wheat (pasta, bread), millet and oat, among others. Of course vegans can consume perfectly refined grains (white), but the whole alternatives are much richer in nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) and therefore better choices.

Sometimes we get the idea that whole foods do not know very well, but the truth is that they are much richer in flavor. It is a matter of cooking and seasoning foods to our taste and also a matter of habit. When you get used to the richness of flavor of whole foods, you’ll probably find that refined foods have a very interesting little flavor.

Vegetables and Fruit


The vegetables and fruit are extremely important to the health and should be part of the daily diet of any person. dark green leafy vegetables are very rich in important nutrients, including vitamins, iron, calcium and other minerals, it is recommended to consume them every day. A traditional soup is a great way to consume many vegetables together and is easy to get a flavor we like, combining various vegetables and using herbs – soups certainly not have to be bland, as some canteen soups leaving traumatized students …

The fruit, of course, is also very important. If not much like best individual of eating fruit, try to make a various fruit salad, so as to mix different flavors. For example, a combination of banana, kiwi, apple and orange is a suitable choice. If mexeres and fruit in the salad bowl, even tastier is.


Vegetables should be a source of vegan protein election. But besides being an excellent source of protein, vegetables are also rich in fiber and minerals (including iron).

Vegetables include various types of beans / beans: black beans, red beans, cowpeas, beans, mung bean, chickpea, lupins, lentils, nuts, green lentils, yellow lentils, peas, tofu and tempeh (made of soybean), and others. The choice is very varied and ways of cooking legumes also are eating from simple beans (cooked), through feijoada or chili vegan until the hummus (made of chickpea and tahini).


Tofu is a food made from soybeans, water and a coagulating agent. It originated in China, where it has been used for thousands of years. Tofu is an excellent source of protein and calcium. It is a food with a neutral flavor, but absorbs very easily different flavors, which makes it an extremely versatile food that can either be used in savory dishes as sweet.

Typically, the tofu is sold packed with water. Once opened, the unused tofu can again be stored in the refrigerator, immersed in water in a closed container.


Seitan is a food rich in protein made from wheat gluten-based and used in Asia for hundreds of years. Although it is made from wheat, does not have great similarities with the bread. When cooked, seitan looks and extremely identical texture to the meat.

Usually the seitan is sold packed with water. Once opened, the unused seitan can again be stored in the refrigerator, immersed in water in a closed container.


Quinoa is a native food of South America, known as the “gold of the Incas”. Although it is known as a cereal, it is a seed of great nutritional value. It is very rich in protein, including all essential proteins, which makes it a very suitable food for vegans. Quinoa is also very rich in fiber, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, and is free of gluten and is therefore a food easily digestible.

The preparation of quinoa is identical to that of whole grains (including rice), but their cooking is very fast (15-20 minutes).
The tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds shelled and originates in the Middle East, where it is used for hundreds of years. There sesame pastes made from sesame seeds with hulls, but are more bitter and thicker than tahini.

The tahini is identical to the consistency of peanut butter and in flavor but has a higher nutritional value. It is very rich in calcium, is popular mainly as an ingredient to make hummus. The hummus is a typical food of the Middle East, made on the basis of chickpea and tahini. It is delicious, especially when savored with black olives.


Tempeh is one of the most healthful soy food. It is highly nutritious, rich in protein, calcium and isoflavones, and very low fat. It is made from whole soy beans, cooked and fermented.

This is a firm and compact cluster, is recommended to cut it into slices or small cubes for cooking, for example, in a stir-fry. Unlike tofu, it has a distinct flavor (some time to get used to its distinctive flavor may be required), and sometimes included cereals production.

Soy sauce (Shoyu)

The soy sauce is a seasoning used in place of salt and was originally created in China for thousands of years. Soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans, wheat, salt and water.

In Japan, soy sauce is called soy sauce, which is the most popular soy sauce of good quality that is available in Portugal. Also of Japanese origin, tamari is another popular soy sauce, but with a stronger taste and no wheat (or very small amount of wheat).

Since contains salt, soy sauce should be used sparingly. However, soy sauce allows impart a pleasant and characteristic taste to foods with less salt than if used alone salt.


Miso is a paste made from soybeans fermented over weeks or years. Because it is a food made of fermented soybeans, miso is a food rich in various minerals, such as magnesium, zinc and copper, in addition to present many health benefits. Fermentation of soybean can be performed in conjunction with other cereal, such as rice, barley or wheat, which provides a different flavor and softer to the miso.

It originates from Japan, where it is widely used in traditional cuisine there are many hundreds of years. It can be used as a condiment (replacing salt) in various food, the most common being the soup.

Textured soy protein / Granulated soy

Soy protein

The textured soybean protein (soybean or granulated) is a very economical source of protein created from soy flour by an industrial process. The protein textured soy is also rich in iron, calcium, fiber and zinc. Given that it is a dehydrated food, texturized soy protein must be rehydrated in hot water for about 10 minutes or during the cooking process.

The textured soy protein have about 50% protein (before being rehydrated) and, when cooked, has a texture similar to minced meat. In addition to the fine-grained, there is also textured soy protein in larger pieces (but do not usually get so tasty).

Since this is a fairly processed food is not very recommendable as frequent option.

Vegetable milk

Soy drink

The most popular plant in vegans milk is soya milk, but also there oat milk, rice milk and almond milk, among others. Different vegan milks have quite different flavors and soy milks also vary greatly in flavor depending on the brand.

Most vegetable milk is enriched with calcium in an amount identical to that in cow’s milk, so that these vegetable milks are a source of calcium equivalent to cow’s milk.

Do not be scared to try some milk you do not like. Almost certainly there are other nondairy milks with a flavor that suits you more (the tastiest simple soy milks tend to be those that include apple aroma – there them in Sojade brands, Alpro Provamel or).

Vegetable yogurt

Soy yogurt

There are many vegetables yogurts available to vegans who are equally or more tasty than the alternatives of animal origin. Most vegans yogurt is made of soybean and contains the beneficial probiotic bacteria that help strengthen the intestinal flora. Do not confuse yogurt with soy desserts: yoghurts are nutritionally more interesting because these are fermented foods.

In addition to the vegan yogurt that can be found in natural food stores / diet, there are several vegetables yogurt in most supermarkets. Some brands available in supermarkets include: Sojade, Alpro Soja Sun, Danone Savia and Soywell (Lidl).

Vegan margarine

Margarine is a very popular food for spreads, but most vegetable margarines are nonvegan because whey contains (in addition to Vitamin D and A, which may also be of animal origin).

Fortunately, you can find Alpro margarine is vegan, for sale in most supermarkets and hypermarkets. The natural / health food stores often have other vegan and organic alternatives, such as margarine or Vitaquell Provamel margarine.

Soy Cheese

For many vegans, cheese is the animal food more cost them leave. However, every time there is more supply of vegetables cheeses with a very similar to animal cheese flavor, so you can continue to enjoy a taste similar to cheese without contribuíres to animal exploitation.

There are vegan cheese of different flavors and consistencies, including being able to use them in vegan pizza. For example, you can use vegetable cheese Mozzarella of Provida, premixed with oil and water (is cream). 30 g of cheese 30 g of oil + + 80-100 g of water mixed with the wand gives an interesting cream or other cooked pizza. But it is important to use an oil with very low acidity (0.5 or less), but gets to know the oil (which is not the purpose).


You can find vegan mayonnaise Granovita mark (Mayola) for sale in the natural / health food stores and vegan mayonnaise Diese brand for sale in most supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Contrary to what may seem, it is also relatively simple to make homemade vegetable mayonnaise. Just utilizares an identical amount of olive oil or vegetable oil and soy milk, a little lemon juice or vinegar, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients with a stick or kitchen robot, except for the oil, which must go gradually added to the mixture (while being stirred) until you get the desired consistency for the mayonnaise.

Vegetables sausages

sausages Vegetables
There are vegan sausages that are as or more tasty than the versions of animal origin. But, unfortunately, most sausages without meat on the market contains egg albumin.

A brand that has great vegan sausages is the Taifun (which can be found in some organic food stores). Another brand with vegan sausage is Viana, and you can find them in stores or order Barn through Dietimport.

Vegetables Hamburgers

Vegans can also eat burgers and chips as they please! There are several brands that sell vegan burgers. The Natursoy has some very good vegan burgers, but not all of the brand burgers are fully vegetables. Another brand with vegan burgers is La Finestra Sul Cielo (on sale in some organic food stores).

You can find (or order) vegan burgers in natural / health food stores.

Smoked sausages and vegetables
Traditional chorizo sausage or meat are also available in vegan versions and the taste is able to fool the most distracted. If you want to make a feijoada to leave open mouth omnivores, vegetable sausage is a good option.

They are for sale in natural / health food stores and in hypermarkets.

Eastern Preparations

There are some oriental prepared (incidentally) vegans, such as spring rolls and samosas, which you can find in supermarkets and hypermarkets, which can be very practical when you want to prepare a quick meal or to use as an aperitif.

Chinese crepes Maggi brand are vegan and are for sale at most supermarkets and hypermarkets. In Lidl, you can find packages with 8 samosas and 8 bhajji quite good vegan onion – the product is in the area of frozen and is called Vitasia: 16 Indian mini-snacks.

So, what do you think of our list? Did we forget anything from a healthy vegan diet?

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