Vegan Kitchen: 25 products you want on your shopping list

Who is starting to exclude from the diet the animal origin products will like to know all of these flavors

What do you eat on a vegan diet?

“Wow, you are a vegan? And what do you eat? lettuce? What do you eat on a vegan diet? “Shoot the first vegan cupcake who never heard that phrase after speaking following this ideology (but shoot at my desk, please). The strict vegetarian diet has many benefits for our health, for the planet and, of course, to animals. But some people find it difficult to give up animal products because of taste or even the lack of information on the nutritional values and the various ways to use vegetables. Now see a list of products that replace animal in meals and perhaps cause you to forget that ever eat meat one day.

Nondairy milks

Let’s start with the basics: soy milk is cheaper and found in the markets. It can be taken pure or mixed with fruits and replace cow’s milk in any recipe (if you do not have the strong taste). There are also the “derivatives” as the cream and condensed milk. The commercial soy milk can be fortified with various nutrients, but be careful with this: many brands could be vegan, but use animal sources to extract one or another vitamin, especially vitamin D. Keep an eye inquire by service customer service brand.

There are also rice milk, oat, quinoa, nuts, all types of beans and nuts, etc. And if you do not find on the market, it is easy to make at home, here’s how.


Since we talk about milk, let’s talk about a very present in plant cheese ingredient: agar-agar powder (a type of seaweed). It is a versatile substitute for gelatin and great to give consistency to sweets and cheeses. Here are a few recipes.

Cheese Powder

No time to prepare your own cheese? How about a “cheese powder”? Just mix with oil and water (according to the indications of the box) and presto: a delicious topping for pizza! It is made from cassava, cassava and beans, no colorings or flavorings. Replaces very well melted cheese in snacks and other snacks.

PST and soybean inlaid

The textured soy protein is like ground beef. The method of preparation is the same (including the same seasoning) and the taste is very similar. Use as you like. Soy embedded also bring much convenience for snacks with hamburger, sausage and others.

And who does not like soy can find quinoa burger ready in virtual stores or make homemade burgers with almost any vegetable – see these recipes.

Also, it is being developed an amazing vegan burger that tastes like meat and still “bleed”.


In addition to all the traditional ways of consuming the carrot (salads, juice, mixed vegetables), it can replace the sausage on hot dog (or rather “not dog”). Just cook it and put in the snack.


Are among the ten healthiest foods in the world, they are great sources of protein and go well in any savory dish. The most popular types are the champignon, the shimeji and shiitake. A good tip is lightly fry them with oil before placing in the recipe or put them directly on the plate. Oh, there is also a “bacon” shiitake worthwhile experience.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a good seasoning, rich in omega 9:01 excellent ingredient to make a “butter” home: put it in a lidded container and freeze. You can also temper before freezing or use this technique to preserve vegetables. Buy olive oil in our shop.

Jaca green

A fantastic substitute for meat. The jackfruit must be small enough to fit in the whole pressure cooker, so you can cook it and reels off it to make a “crazy flesh”, which can be used in pie fillings, pastries and drumsticks. Yes, vegans also eat drumstick and, between us, much better than the chicken.

Chia seeds and linseed

These seeds are very rich in nutrients and you can easily find in natural products homes. They are also good ways to replace eggs, just moisturize to get a similar consistency gel with a raw egg, and that does not change the taste of your recipe. Click here and know more about chia.


Another ingredient that is in many recipes: ice cream, farofa, stew and what else your creativity you want. See how to save the banana longer and other useful tips in the kitchen.

Peanuts, peanut candy and peanut butter

Who is or knows someone vegan, the word “tack” is self-explanatory.


Among the products that replace meat, seitan is what is closest to the flavor and texture. It is made of gluten, wheat protein, and can be used in virtually any recipe that originally took meat.


The fruit is very nutritious and can still be used in place of many industrialized creams such as mayonnaise, sour cream, and others, in addition to the traditional guacamole.

Essence of panettone

Unfortunately, not yet there is a brand that makes vegan panettone to Common, then to his home to be complete, you’ll probably have to make your own panettone or chocotone. The good side is that it can be as filling as you want. It’s the end of the “work” to separate the raisins and disappointment with a few drops of chocolate in their sweet (face it, some chocotones manufacturers forget that part of the “choco”). Just do not overdo the artificial flavoring, as it can be harmful to health.


They are incredible sources of calcium and omegas, and recommended four units a day, but it is impossible to eat only that. A handful of nuts is a practical choice for a snack in the afternoon, replacing the cereal bars that usually take honey in the composition.

Maple syrup

The syrup extracted from maple trees, typical of Canada, is among the ten healthiest foods in the world as a great substitute for sugar and, in the case of vegans, for honey too. After all, it’s not just because they want to explore the bees we should give up a healthy sweet. The only problem maple syrup is the difficulty of finding it in Brazil. Until then, you may prefer the demerara sugar, which is not as healthy as the syrup, but it’s much better than refined sugar.


This is the biggest joker of vegan cuisine. The tofu type “soft” is the best substitute for cream cheese and ricotta, and can be placed into small pieces in a salad, as some people like to do with the white cheese. But the firm tofu can be eaten grilled and in various other ways in different recipes, such as “fish” vegan.


The mashed potatoes can be used to replace eggs, giving consistency to the masses, as this cheese bread (vegan version, of course).


Low in calories and gluten-free tapioca is very easy to prepare and can be filled with whatever you want (sweet or savory). That is, goes well with everything, anytime. How not to love it?

Cocoa powder

Live without chocolate? No it does not. The cocoa powder replaces the conventional chocolate powder well in the kitchen. In addition, there vegan chocolate bars, as Chocosoy and semisweet taste of some brands, such as Melken.


It is the famous soy curd, which still has flavors of other cheeses. To kill the longing of ordinary cream cheese, Cheddar, etc.

Peas, lentils, chickpeas and other grains

The grains cited are the most popular, but if you know some more exotic, feel free to create and share recipes with us. These beans are great sources of protein and have good texture to salads, creams, spreads, cookies, soups, etc.


Oats are very nutritious and rich in fiber. It can be placed on fruits and even about the food as it has a neutral taste. The “milk” made from oats are thicker, so it is great to prepare cakes. It is also easy to make condensed milk oats.

Coco and derivatives

Coconut water is very well recommended after physical activity to have a high potential for hydration and replenishment of minerals. Coconut oil has many functions, improving digestion, help reduce blood pressure, etc. (learn more). Of course, the natural coconut is delicious if eaten whole or grated, sprinkled over sweet.

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