Veganism – Questions and answers about being vegan!

1) What will I eat now that I avoid meat and animal derivatives?

A: You’ll eat everything except meat and animal derivatives, and discover a world of new varieties of foods and combinations.

You can prepare all the traditional recipes without animals derived some: hamburger, lasagna, bean stew, stroganoff, spaghetti with meatballs, mayonnaise, pizza, oriental dishes, drumstick, kebab, pastries, breads, savory and sweet pies, chocolate cake and fruit , pudding, gelatin, brigadier, cookies, ice cream, nondairy milk of various kinds …

Search the internet for vegan recipes, purchase a book of vegan recipes, make friends with vegans: that way you will not give up and remains motivated.

When buying food, always check the labels before, must not contain animal products. Options: vegan products online.

2) What are meat and animal derivatives?

A: We refer to meat of all animals: mammals, herbivores, reptiles, birds, water. Derivatives would be by-products of the meat: ham, sausages, sausages etc. Also included as derivatives: dairy products (cheese, animal milk), eggs from animals of any kind, honey bees, coloring carmine cochineal (made from a crisp beetle), animal fat, in short, any body waste an animal.

3) What to eat on the breakfast?

A: There are many options in the breakfast: fruit jam, vegan margarine, peanut butter, soy milk sweet, tofu spreads, vegan mayonnaise, bologna and hams vegans.

Those who enjoy cooking can make guacamole (avocado and spices), hommus (chickpea), Sardella (spicy antipasto tomato, but no sardines), vegan cheese, pate of olives, roasted eggplant antipasto with raisins and peppers and other crumpled tofu pates the fork and something you enjoy, for example chopped or dried tomatoes parsley.

Vegan recipes here and more options easily found online.

4) Where to buy vegan food?

A: You have a plethora of natural foods to choose safely: fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, grains, herbs, roots …

When you choose to processed or processed foods, make sure it is free of animal products, read the packaging, check the ingredients; in doubt, call the company and inquire, your consumer rights.

Roll French / salt / bakery may contain eggs, milk or animal fat, stay tuned, ask the baker. Most masses of pizzas of São Paulo contains eggs, check before ordering a broccoli or cabbage pizza. pastel pasta and lasagna often contain lard / fat or eggs in the composition, check the label before consuming.

Options: Vegan Products

5) How to buy clothes and vegan shoes?

A: Avoid leather garments, silk, wool or any other animal component. You can buy: vegetable leather, nappa, canvas, synthetic in general.

It is your consumer right to know what you’re buying, ask the seller or store manager, check labels: the consumer has power, his will makes all the difference.

The ethical decision not to feed animals logically extends to not use products made with skin or other parts of animal bodies.

6) How to buy vegan hygiene products?

A: Most of the soaps sold in the markets and perfumeries are made of animal fat (adep bovis), look for vegetable glycerin soaps.

packaging labels are an enigma often not chemical can decipher easily; whenever arise doubt, contact the customer service company service, question. Your goal is to buy products that do not exploit animals, so should not contain animal waste in the composition, either have been tested on animals.

Fortunately, today there are many companies that adorn the label “not tested on animals” or “product free of animal ingredients.” Favoring those companies that demonstrate respect for animals.

brands options: Vegan Products

7) What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

A: Vegetarianism is a diet that excludes meat diet animals, with or without consumption of dairy products or eggs.

Veganism is beyond diet is a lifestyle of respect for the animals: excluded from the food, clothing and day-to-day any animal product derivative, boycotted industries that do not respect animals, we do not support amusement where they are used, professionally can not be vegan if you work selling animals, for example.

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8) Being vegan is to be natural?
A: Natural means concerning the nature, not made by the hand of man; then be natural would not eat processed foods, use fruit or herbs for hygiene instead of processed foods, and so on.

Being vegan is live with respect for the animals.

Given these concepts, a vegan can be natural, as well as an adept person’s natural life style can be vegan too. The opposite is true: a vegan can be unnatural, as well as a naturalistic person can not be vegan.

9) It is expensive to be vegan?

A: All animal products are excluded from the vegan diet; based on this principle, it’s cheaper to be vegan.

Imagine their meat free recipes, eggs, cheese and milk: You save not consume cholesterol and discover exciting ways to increase their revenue by maximizing taste and health. The change to be made is going to eat better: fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, oilseeds, all this is not expensive, further evaluate the health benefits.

It is more economical, healthy and delicious vegan be, and does not weigh on the conscience: healthy mind in healthy body.

10) Do I run the risk of getting sick to become vegan?

A: All foods derived from animals collaborate to the accumulation of bad cholesterol LDL (low density lipoprotein), hardening and clogging the blood vessels due to the saturated fat accumulation.

The strictly vegetable diet – vegan – is bad cholesterol free, promoting blood circulation; avoid thus heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancers, especially bowel – above all, meats are difficult to assimilate by the human body.

The sexual impotence is also avoided, with cleaner blood vessels.

The vegan diet presents the so-called good cholesterol, necessary to human health, found in oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils (unsaturated fats).

Of course, just do not eat meat or cheese does not guarantee health; like all people, vegans should seek a balanced diet with protein, vitamins and calcium, emphasizing whole grains, organic foods and as close as possible the natural food, and adopt healthy habits like exercise and positive mind.

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“In general, it is recommended to pay careful attention to food of animal origin, it is they that contains cholesterol. Foods originating from the plant kingdom have no cholesterol. It is recommended, therefore, that people who have problems with cholesterol avoid whole milk and its derivatives (cheese, mainly yellow, butter, sour cream), butter cookies, croissants, pastries, creamy ice cream, sausages in general (sausage, sausage and cold), fatty red meats, pork (bacon , greaves), viscera (liver, brains, kids), land animal skin, marine animals (shrimp, lobster, sardines, seafood) and egg yolk (used in the preparation of various foods that should be avoided such as balls, cakes, pancakes, noodles, etc.). ”
Source: Bibliomed – Medical and Scientific Library Virtual
“Most men do not realize they must maintain, consciously, your testosterone levels. Simply adjust the level of fat in the body. For those who like the genre food, an alternative is to choose foods with unsaturated fats. The fat bad influences directly in estrogen formation, which happens to be high. This process eventually leads the body to decrease the production of testosterone. Read that there will be decrease in libido and sexual desire in men. ”
Source: Health Living

11) What about vitamin B12?

A: Like any vitamin, it should be supplemented as missing in the body. And it varies from person to person: body, diet, food type, exercise and lifestyle should be taken into consideration. If the person feels unwell, you should make a general medical evaluation.

No vitamin that the human body needs that do not find in the plant kingdom / funghi. The human body is to be perfect, nature is perfect, do not be afraid to be healthy.

If really want to ingest vitamin B12: there are numerous foods fortified with this vitamin ready for sale in supermarkets, such as vegan cookies and soy milks.

Is being formed an opinion by nutritionists doctors and nutritionists scholars of the subject that, although vitamin B12 is not found in the plant kingdom (there is controversy), it is synthesized in the human body varies from person to person.
“The indiscriminate use of vitamins as medicine for lay people who believe they are” miraculous and energetic elements “is a constant concern of health professionals, currently, since it is highly specialized Esua toxic action molecules can bring serious injury forthe biological system if not managed with skill and caution. ”
Source: Biochemistry Fundamentals, Ricardo Vieira.

12) I was sick, I need to take medication. Now what?

A: The purpose of veganism is to avoid the most of animal exploitation, and not make people feel bad. You have to use common sense, weigh your options: if the only alternative is to take antibiotics tested on animals, you should not feel bad when there is no other choice, after all it is not your fault that many industries are still with medieval habits .

Put your health at risk will not help the animals; take care of yourself, keep healthy, then to make a difference in the world.
“Before diving into the endless sea of remedies, investigate and discover habits changes that could contribute to its recovery. You can find these solutions only looking inward.” – Home Vegetarian Vegan

13) I have more than 60 years. It is dangerous to be vegan in middle age?

A: It is known that the consumption of meat and animal products hinders the digestive process, so without animal waste in the diet, the metabolism works better and faster. No cholesterol or saturated fat in the diet, the human body hardly accumulates body mass, which means avoid obesity.
Other items to consider is that vegan food is not any restrictions on age, not no contraindication, and excellent assimilation by the body.

Proteins, food manufacturers, as important in old age, found in rice-and-beans daily, complete source of protein. Calcium, iron and other vitamins are easily absorbed through the vegan diet, contrary to what you think. And for finding, we always find more patients omnivorous diets vegans.

It also has the socialization factor, which means that the person is more likely to make new friends and discover new horizons by joining with people with common goals. At any age and any diet, eat right, giving preference to natural foods with a variety of fruits and vegetables daily, and grains, cereals and oilseeds.

A style new and delicious life with healthy habits, physical exercise and positive mind, so you will visit more loved ones doctors. Sow what we reap, if we have a lifetime of bad habits, let’s face on; likewise, if we maintain good living habits, we will enjoy for many years.

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14) I will lose weight being vegan?

A: Probably yes: the body works better and faster without meat or animal products, harmful to the functioning of the intestine, and fiber intake favors this mechanism; start you already facilitates digestion. Another thing to consider is that saturated fat if the strictly vegetarian diet, your body hardly accumulates body mass: clean blood vessels, good blood circulation.

It also has the new factor: the vegan diet, we come to know our meal, we found new foods, we to take an interest in health issues and that way everything ends up contributing to the overall physical well-being.

15) To be vegan, just do not eat anything of animal origin?

A: The food is what you do several times a day, so it’s an important step in veganism, but not only that: no good to stop eating steak and then buy a shoe made of cow leather, or buy shampoo or soap made with an animal lard, or go have fun at the rodeo.

We must be consistent in our attitudes to be respected. Veganism covers all areas of life: diet, clothing, hygiene, entertainment, profession. Believe it: it’s simple, easy and tasty to be vegan.

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16) What would happen to the animals if enough people become vegan?

A: Immediately, the animals would no longer suffer; with time, the less people consuming animal, they will be fewer artificially reproduced in farms, after the lower demand, lower supply.

The meat industry causes animals reproduce up abnormally, so do not worry, there would be no animals left on the planet. If marine animals were left alone in their habitat, fauna and species would be maintained.

We will live in a better world when sensitivity back to human hearts.

17) Do I have to love animals to be vegan?

A: Love is never too much, but the basis of veganism is respect for animals, respect them as yourself or someone in your esteem.

18) Would you like to adopt a pet, but do not want to feed it with meat. What do I do?

A: Dogs can eat the same as human (even a diet free of animal waste) and stay healthy, talk to your veterinarian about forbidden foods for dogs – chocolate, for example.

Cats are carnivores need meat (specifically: taurine protein) to stay healthy. In some countries there is already vegan diet with synthetic taurine for cats. In Brazil, the option is to home cooking and leave them free to seek in nature food supplement, or ask the trusted veterinarian prescribe synthetic taurine to be added to food.

Facebook page with alternatives and information: Vegetarian Food for dogs and cats

19) It is so hard to find vegan products in my city! How do I be vegan?

A: No matter where you live, there will always be vegan products, simple example is the open-air market in your neighborhood: fruits, vegetables, foliage, stock-cane, this is all vegan.

Also cereal house: varieties of rice and beans, chickpea, flour, cereals, nuts and nuts of all kinds, sesame and sunflower seeds, imagine the endless combinations of dishes that we prepare.

industrial products, attention to labels: read the packaging must not contain animal products; in doubt, do not buy before call the customer service department (SAC) and question your doubts, your consumer right to know what you’re buying.

Tip: Buy Vegan Products Online

20) My parents do not respect my veganism. How to deal with this situation?

A: Many mothers insist on adding animal ingredients in dishes that are preparing and say they do not have any animal ingredients; when this happens, it’s because you care about your health. No way until their parents get used to their change, stay convinced of his decision, be patient and talk to them, study on the benefits of vegan diet.

Know that there are healthy vegan for decades in Brazil and in the world, there is no danger in being vegan, but the person becomes healthier. And always make clear the reason that led him to make this decision: respect for all animals.

21) I was invited to a party. How to act?

A: Just like anywhere, you have to know what you will eat. Accept no honey or snacks for education, are your hosts that should have education, worrying about what will eat.

At a party with buffet service, it is advisable to call ahead if you do not eat anything of animal origin, all buffet professional know how to proceed in this case.

At family parties or friends, you can volunteer to bring a vegan dish (there are options ready in markets – Products vegan / Food – or order – Food to order / Delivery).

Do not accept food derivatives, notify the buffet, relatives etc, always explaining the real reason for your choice – for animals – are attitudes that reflect on people over time are emerging changes in society.

22) Christmas in family, turkey on the table. Now what?

A: If you really do not feel good with dead animals at the table in such an important day as Christmas, before talk with your family, feel there is a possibility to prepare a vegan meal. If there is no way, explain to them its decision not to go and try to make Christmas a happy night.

If you already have vegan friends, sure they can get together and make a very nice party. On holidays, it is important to feel the spirit of celebration; no use to attend a party if you do not feel at ease. Life is to be lived, there are people who share the same thought.

If you put up with dead animals at the table, take a ready frozen vegan dish or canned, purchased in supermarkets – Products vegan / Food- made for you – Vegan Recipes – or request custom – Food to order.

23) Is veganism is a religion?

A: Veganism is not religion, veganism is a lifestyle of respect for the animals. People of all ages, social classes, nationalities and religions – or who has no religion – can at any time of life decide to change their conduct.

24) Should I disclose veganism to people?

A: Yes, disclose this idea, but with discretion: not always people are open to new, or just do not want to hear right now. Respect, feel the receptivity, talk to who will listen, who is open to information.

25)  Can you be 100% vegan?

Yes, there are vegan replacements to pretty much everything.


26) Why bother with animals when there are so many people in need?

A: There are so many flags to rise: women’s rights, the elderly, victims of war, the Atlantic Forest, etc, choose their cause and fight for it.

We chose veganism, we believe that a better world is possible. We know that animals are helpless while the man knows how to defend, have weapons and laws to protect it.

Veganism is not about perfection or you want to be better than others, but boycotting all forms of animal suffering while it is still permitted by law to exploit them and kill them. Remember, in the not too distant past, blacks and women had no rights; if no one had taken the first step, imagine how the world would be today.

27) What is the benefit of veganism for the planet?

A: The impact of the meat industry and milk affect the excessive use of water and deforestation of fertile land for grazing; if the crops intended for animal industries were directed to human populations, practically there would be no hunger in the world. Industrial fishing is also harmful to nature, unbalancing faunas and extinct species.

Indiscriminate number animals in artificially propagated plants and the effects of his death harm the earth’s climatic conditions, and the waste left over it all are dumped in nature, further degrading the earth’s harmony. Given these thoughts, we can conclude that veganism is a way to a better world.

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