Vegans are not malnourished or superhumans

Still today we hear that vegans are weak people, anemic, malnourished. If you do a quick search on the internet will not be difficult to find articles defending the role of meat in brain training, the need for animal protein for health and disability-related issues in vitamin B12, etc.

But many health organizations already attest to the viability of vegetarianism. Since 2009 there is the recognition of the American Dietetic Association that strict vegetarian diet is nutritionally adequate properly planned at all stages of life, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Also there are numerous scientific publications confirming its feasibility and benefits.

Some of the benefits begin to be public knowledge, with decreased risk of some cancers and heart disease. But there is also the Internet disclosure of some exaggerated promises of health, without any scientific basis, which generate unrealistic expectations about the vegetarian diet and about vegans itself.

Fact: strict vegetarian diet can be very different from person to person, so you can not fit all individuals in the same set of benefits (or disadvantages) for health just because they do not consume animal products.

It is therefore important to bear in mind that the potential benefits attributed vegetarian food are not a guarantee and nutritional assessment is recommended caution as any poorly planned diet offers health risks and the possibility of poor nutrition.

Veganism defends ethics and compassion and rejects violence – toward all sentient beings, ourselves included. The health benefits arising are very welcome, but we must beware of stereotypes. And also remember that being vegan is not a search for purity, but to do what is in our power to end animal exploitation.

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