What do vegans eat?

Do you know what do vegans eat?

Vegans like all kinds of edible plants (such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds) and fungi (mixed mushrooms), and dishes made with them.

Vegans choose not to eat any food that is derived from living or dead animals – any type of meat (red, white, pork, fish, seafood, etc.), no animal milk (and no dairy: yogurt or cow cheese, sheep, goat, etc.) and any eggs, honey, and no other animal product (gelatin, carmine [carminic acid], etc.).

Find vegan food is easier nowadays. You can buy vegan cheese, vegan chocolate, vegan ice cream, vegan mayonnaise, vegan sausage, vegan yogurt, vegan hamburger … the choices are endless (especially here in the US). No animal ingredients foods are also becoming easier to find as more and more companies have adopted the vegan diet niche.

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Of course food is not only pleasure – also involves nutrition. To ensure that you are super healthy vegan, there are many pyramids, information tables and so on. Just give a search on the net.

what do vegans eat


People usually ask us if it is healthy to go vegan, vegan books, easy vegan recipes for beginners and such, so we found this great video below that is going to ask those and the most common question asked: What do vegans eat?

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